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As of July 2020, I am available for custom embroidery orders. I currently apply two different techniques.

Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery, or freehand embroidery, is just your “regular” embroidery with a needle and thread. I can apply this to practically any fabric, and use high quality DMC thread for this. Hand embroidery is most suited for small items.

Punch Needle

Punch needle is a technique in which a special hollow needle is used to insert loops into the fabric. This gives a unique effect. Punch needle requires special high quality fabrics, and can be done with fine embroidery thread or thick yarn. Punch needle can be applied to both small and large items.

What do you receive?

If you order hoop art, like the photos at the top of this page, you will receive an embroidery hoop with embroidered fabric fixed into it. I will cut off all the excess fabric, tuck and glue it, cover the back with felt and ship it in a protective envelope. You can then hang or otherwise display the hoop, like a little framed art piece. When embroidery is applied to items, like a tote bag or t-shirt, you will obviously receive the entire item with fresh embroidery.

Payment and shipping

Payment is possible through PayPal and iDeal. 50% is paid once you approve the design, and 50% once the work is completed. After full payment I will ship the piece to you in a protective envelope. Worldwide shipping is available depending on your location; feel free to ask!

Let’s get in touch!

The possibilities are endless. I can create a personalized art design for you or replicate something you like. Maybe a photo of your first house, favorite flower. favorite cartoon character or your bridal bouquet. Or maybe you would just like your favorite quote, favorite colors or an art piece on your wall. How much you leave to me is up to you. Let’s chat about it!

If you would like another way to contact me, all my details are on my contact page.