About Me

After a brief experience in blogging 2014-2015 I decided it was time for me to retake this field.

Being the daughter of an IT man, I was raised a true internet baby. I have browsed the web freely and frequently since I was about 7 and it has made me a true digital native, also making it hard for me to exclude my being tech-savvy out of my career.

Having a way with words in more than one language (plus some very strong opinions,)Β led to me never shying away from speaking up nor sharing. Navigating the internet more often than the streets also contributed to this reality in which I became so comfortable sharing that I would actually rather not stay private.

Before ending up in my current Food Technology course, I participated in a preparatory year at art academy AKI and followed the propaedeutic year at the Design Academy Eindhoven.
The first moved me from art to design, the latter from practice to theory with full intention to return to (and eventually master) practice.

I restarted blogging after two years of being so focused on my goals that I might have lost a lot of myself in the process; I have discovered now that my main goal and it is not solely to create, but to inspire and/or create positive change.

This blog will most probably be loaded with recipes, reviews, inspiration and guides and was created with the intention to maintain my writing skills and make others (and hopefully myself) benefit from the obsessive way I approach certain topics.


Embroidery is a new addition to my life that has rapidly taken over. Most definitely a result of the Covid lockdown, my intention of passing time quickly transformed into a strong passion for the art. As of July 2020, I am taking custom embroidery orders. More about that here.