First look: B.A.E by HEMA

HEMA just launched a new cosmetics collection completely out of the blue. Here’s a first look at the trends that inspired this new release.

I’m not going to bore you with chatter right now; let’s save that for my review and have a look at these products.

Cloud Paints

Let’s start of with an icon product: the possible inspiration for the lip and cheek products by B.A.E seems to be Glossier Cloud Paints. The cloud paints are liquid blushes that can be applied both sheer and more boldly. This could end up being a dupe!

Huda Beauty Obsessions

More vaguely inspired are the eye shadow palettes. I could be wrong here, but given the hype around Huda Beauty’s Obsessions palettes it immediately popped into my mind.

Glossier Balm Dotcom

This one is more obvious, but only in terms of packaging. The Glossier Balm Dotcoms are lip balms, whereas HEMA put a face gloss in their birthday balm dotcom-esque packaging.

Artis Brushes

The pink HEMA brushes might have a different vibe to them, but they’re for sure inspired by the social media madness Artis brushes caused.

Patchology Flashpatch

Patchology often comes up in Instagram videos as the sheet masks and face patches have a fun, odd look. HEMA’s hydrogel lip patch taps into the hype.

Glossier Skin Tint

The skin tint is a really, really, really sheer base product. HEMA might opt for more coverage, or even a different finish as matte is preferred in the Netherlands. This shade range is very disappointing and unlike HEMA, so I hope there will end up being more.

Glossier Wowder

This might be personal, but I find Glossier’s Wowder packaging very distinct. I therefore don’t have any doubts about this source of inspo. Glossier’s powder is sheer and natural looking, which makes me wonder whether HEMA chose the same properties or not.

Glossier Lidstars

Okay, the Glossier Lidstars are not lip glosses… But this comparison shows how they applied the sparkly aesthetic currently ruling the ‘gram.

And some general application of the Glossier aesthetic to finish off.

The visual inspiration is obvious, now the question is whether the formulas actually match (or might be even better!) The marketing and statements released so far do say the brand focuses on being effortless and affordable, fresh and dewy.

HEMA cosmetics are the well established go-to of casual makeup users in the Netherlands. This seems to tap into a different audience, one with more interest in cosmetics but still the same desire for effortless beauty and HEMA’s attractive price point.

The B.A.E Instagram page states the brand launched today, so I’ll be on it first thing tomorrow.

– Jaz

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