Introductory Post

Both the YouTube video and this post have the same intro: I’m FI-NA-LLY doing it. I’ve been meaning to do this for so long but I always find an excuse to push it back a little longer, and they all come down to me being way too perfectionist.

Realistically speaking at the time I am posting this, you either know me from school, Instagram or Twitter. If you’re from school, you know how I never shut up about the things I like and how passionately I voice my opinions. If you’re from Instagram, you know how I love creating content. If you’re from Twitter, you either know me from my social justice days or my beauty days, but in all cases you know the same loud person who constantly feels the need to get (her voice) out there.

It’s just this nagging feeling of “I need to have a voice in this” that started with sociopolitical issues and spread to food, art/design and beauty. I’m really passionate about everything that has my interest and not everyone wants to put the same effort into these topics, so I thought I would do the work for them.
Everyone likes the idea of being well dressed, having a good skincare and makeup routine, sourcing food ethically, but not everyone wants to spend the hours I spent to get to the same conclusions. I get that, and that’s why I started this.
That, and that I don’t really agree with all the content out there right now. I just feel like someone should be telling you about how cut creases definitely aren’t for everyone, winged liner and brows are not a universal design and all these smooth skinned shiny faced models don’t owe their skin health to their ineffective and overpriced skincare routines.

I get that it’s hard to navigate certain topics in such an over-saturated consumerist age where you’re being bombarded with product, and in this chaos I hope to be a voice of reason.
I made a promise to myself that this is the beginning of Jasmin ACTUALLY DOING THINGS and my promise to you guys that I’ll never create content solely for my own gain. I never, EVER want to create content merely to receive perks.

There will be a YouTube channel focused on makeup and skincare talk, and this blog will have the same in different ways plus vegan recipes and posts about art/design and sociopolitical issues. My Instagram will remain the way it has always been.

I made a YouTube video to introduce the channel in which I talk more in depth about the plans I have for it, you can watch it below!

Thank you so much for your support.


Jaz Delilah


P.S. I know, I ditched the name “hopeloze” for this blog. I might as well have ripped off a limb, but when my mom repeatedly suggested I can’t have a name with such negative weight (it’s Dutch for ‘hopeless one’) follow me around and define me, I had to agree at some point.

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