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About me

I'm a 21 year old, Netherlands based independent thread artist. My background is in art & design, social media, (food) science and product development. Other than my formal background, I'm an amateur ballet dancer (adult beginner), plant based food enthusiast and overactive consumer of cosmetics, cosmetic media and cosmetic science. (I might talk skincare theory in my sleep.)

While arts in general have always been part of my life some way or another, embroidery is very much the new love that has rapidly taken over my life.

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Custom Embroidery Service

Personalized Design

For custom embroidery, I can draw something up for you entirely, copy an image you'd like transformed into thread, or base a design off my previous works. The only thing I won't do is copy another artist's work.

Unique Keepsake

Embroidery pieces are a unique, tangible keepsake or art piece. Commemorate the occasion of your first house, your wedding, your graduation, or anything else that is meaningful to you. Or just get something pretty to wear or hang!

shipped anywhere

Embroidery can be delivered as framed "hoop art" or applied to clothing and other fabric objects. Hoop art is especially easy to ship in protective envelopes, but both hoops and other objects can be shipped to most locations. I'll make you a personal offer.

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